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I'm Rikki

Pleased to meet you

"The design world" can be an intimidating one (dare I say, even a bit pretentious at times?!) for both designers and those searching for the right designer for their project.

For this reason, I like to take less of a "strictly business" approach with my clients. Don't get me wrong, I take my work super seriously but why can't we also have a good time along the way!? I like to believe I'm pretty laid back, I love to laugh, bond over dogs, and travel but I especially love getting to know you and your business!

I feel that when you truly align with someone you're working with:

1) it doesn't feel like work

2) the final outcome is even better!

If you've got a project you're ready to get going, I would love to hear about it and see if we are the right team to make it happen!

So, get in touch and let's shake things up!

a little 

About me

The first time I really dipped my toes into the world of graphic design was when I founded my first company Big Wild Project –

An apparel and gift brand for dog lovers that donated to dog rescues with every purchase.

I did everyyyything myself from designing clothing graphics, building my website, creating marketing materials, you name it, with zero experience – And with all of that, I discovered I truly loved the process of building a brand! 

Next came my Etsy shop, Stay Wild Stamp Co. after I started making hand-stamped keychains and pet tags. (You can now find my website templates there too!)


In 2021 after landing some freelance design work, I decided to further my self-taught knowledge and earned a certificate in graphic + digital design from InFocus Film School, in Vancouver BC. Upon graduating, knowing I wanted to continue working for myself,

Shaker Design Studio was born! 

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