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Nat. Park

Gatefold Brochure

Indigo Design Awards 2022 - Bronze Winner

The goal of this project was to promote and provide visitor information for

a natural wonder. My concept was a “good old-fashioned family road trip”

and the design was intended to evoke nostalgia, take the reader on a trip, and inspire them to plan a family vacation of their own.

To achieve this I sought inspiration from Googie style architecture

of the ’50s and ’60s along with vintage postcards and advertisements.

I envisioned a family looking through a box of old vacation photos and brought that concept to life with the selected imagery style and captions.

To capture and hold the reader’s attention I kept the headings playful,

the copy informative, and the overall mood of the project fun and inviting.

Shaker Design Studio Rikki Bale Graphic Designer
Shaker Design Studio Rikki Bale Graphic Designer Saskatchewan
Shaker Design Studio Rikki Bale Saskatchewan Graphic Design
Shaker Design Studio Saskatchewan Graphic Designer
Shaker Design Studio Regina SK Graphic Designer
Rikki Bale Regina Saskatchewan Graphic Designer
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