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Regina, SK

City Branding

Regina is the capital, and the second-largest city of Saskatchewan,

situated in the south near the US border. It was once ranked as Canada’s “most dangerous city” but that has changed in recent years, and is becoming a vibrant, affordable place to live or raise a family and is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. As Regina continues to grow and change in all the right ways, attracting new residents, families, and businesses, it’s time for a fresh, modern new look.

The concept for the rebrand and the city's new tagline is “Room To Roam” – Saskatchewan is a large province with a small but very proud population, and its vast landscape allows for current and future residents alike to roam, grow and reign!

A wordmark as the primary logo is extremely versatile and can be used in a number of ways. High Tide, used for Regina feels youthful, approachable, trendy yet timeless, and eye-catching. It’s impactful enough to be used alone but pairs easily with additional brand elements.

Fitting Regina in between the cut in half SASK reinforces the tagline “Room to Roam” as there is room for all in both Regina and Saskatchewan.

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regina tshirt
regina magazine spread
regina sask tote bag
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